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“Doing the right things for the right reasons with the right people every single time to the best of our ability even when no one is looking.”

ALA Motto

ALA Facilitators encourage participants to live a life based on integrity, by challenging them to “Do the right things, for the right reasons, with the right people, every single time, to the best of their ability, even when no one is looking.” (ALA Motto) This motto supports the PCBDD philosophy of R.A.I.L.S.
(Responsibility, Accountability, Independence, Leadership, and Self-Sufficiency).

Meet Our Perry County Facilitators

Kari Spring

Academy for Leadership Abilities® Specialist

Kari Spring is the Academy for Leadership Abilities® Coordinator. She has been involved in various areas of the agency in her time with the County Board. Currently, she focuses her time on coordinating ALA services, working with our various community partners and helping with special events. Kari enjoys spending time with family, watching her son participate in various sporting events and activities, and her work with a local High School Music Program. She takes pride in being a part of a team that strives to positively impact their communities everyday through the work they do personally and professionally.

Jenna Ward

Behavioral Support Supervisor

Jenna is a Behavior Support Supervisor and ALA facilitator. She works with people to help them navigate and cope with different challenges in their lives. Jenna takes pride in building relationships with everyone she interacts with through her work at PCBDD. She believes that team work and collaboration will get the best results. Her favorite part about her job is helping people recognize their resiliency, overcome challenges, and find their happiness.

Lora Harvey

Community Supports Facilitator

Lora Harvey is the Community Supports Coordinator at the Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities. She facilitates ALA in many facets by working with middle schoolers, summer campers and with adult leadership programs (Pioneering Possibilities® our advocacy program). ALA to Lora is life changing because it challenges people to take a close look at their life; the good, and the bad so they can decide what they want their life to look like!

Ashley Wollenberg

Children's Program Director

Ashley Wollenberg is the Children’s Program Director. Within the agency, she is involved in Early Intervention, Home Visiting, School Age Supports, Employment Navigation, and Family Selected Supports. Her favorite part of facilitating ALA is that she gets the opportunity to learn and grow right along with the participants in the class. Ashley takes pride in the fact that she always tries her hardest. “If something is worth my time to do, I am going to put in 100% effort.”

Darlene Denny

School-Age Service & Support Administrator

Darlene Denny is the School-Age Service and Support Administrator (SSA). Her role keeps her active with many kids and their families, as well as being a member of the Rights Committee and Awareness Sub-Committee. Darlene personally takes pride in having a close family and her ability to help families through their rough times of understanding what may need done for their child, including the services they may need.

Jenny Keister

MUI Specialist

Jenny is the Major Unusual Incident Specialist (MUI), for reporting and filing MUI’s and Unusual Incidents (UI’s) in Perry County.  She is active with ALA, Summer Camp, Pioneering Possibilities® and Providers.  Jenny takes pride in helping to keep people safe and live their best possible life. On a personal note, her family and close friends mean the world to her, and she especially enjoys being a Grammy.

Lindsey Jago-Fouts

Community Education Coordinator

Lindsey Jago-Fouts is the Community Education Coordinator. Her work life largely includes agency communications and outreach efforts, coordinating facility safety efforts, and actively facilitating ALA. Lindsey has specific interests and experience with disability awareness, branding, public relations, and communications. She continues to provide support to her peers through her knowledge of O365, social media, safety, and technology. Lindsey enjoys keeping up with the latest technology and leadership trends, doing home renovations, being a #boymom, volunteering in the community, and being an entrepreneur.

Morgan Deavers

Community Supports Facilitator

Morgan Deavers is the Community Supports Facilitator for the Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities. In this role, he serves as a facilitator to a variety of ALA Sites such as our local schools, our adult JFS programs and primarily at our Pioneering Possibilities Community Leadership Group. In addition to this, he also serves on the Human Rights, Health/Safety and The Perry County Coordinated Transportation Plan teams. Morgan loves to help wherever he is needed. Morgan explains, “All humans have a special purpose on this earth. I believe that my purpose at the Perry County Board of DD is to help others find their purpose, by empowering people to live with honesty and integrity, so they can live, the lives they want to live, and be the people they want to be.”

Chrissy Berkheimer

Executive Assistant

Chrissy is the Executive Assistant at the Board of DD. She is active in all Board activities, HR, strategic planning, ALA and the Emerging Leaders program. Chrissy likes to continuously learn new skills that helps her in her job and also helps her fellow staff members/directors. Chrissy takes pride in being highly organized, helping everyone when needed, and being honest. In her spare time, Chrissy loves spending time with her family and boating on Buckeye Lake.

Mona Bolyard

Community Support Specialist

Mona Bolyard is the Community Support Specialist at Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Mona coordinates all Academy for Leadership Ability programming; department support activities and Respite Program needs. Mona is also an ALA facilitator. Mona is proud to be part of a wonderful organization and to have the ability to support and change the lives of others in our community.

David Couch


David is one of the architects of the ALA program. His primary responsibility is administration and oversight of Board programs, but he enjoys facilitating when his schedule allows. He is proud of the ways others are developing ALA to challenge and develop leadership skills for people of all abilities.

Jessica Stroup

Administrative Supports Director

Jessica is involved in policy, quality assurance, strategic planning, process management and everything related to human resources. She enjoys learning new things and watching others learn and grow in the face of challenges. Jessica is amazed at the culture changes that have taken place at PCBDD that allow for more flexibility and growth. She prides herself on providing the resources and support for people to maximize their potential, and one way she does this is through facilitating ALA. She believes a healthy work/home life balance is key; her family is most important, but she also loves the relationships she builds at work.

Shelly Lackey

Community Supports Director

Shelly is the Community Supports Director and works to connect the community and implement ALA. As a lifelong learner, Shelly is dedicated to helping add value to all people through teaching leadership, integrity, and personal growth skills. Shelly has been a key component in the evolution of ALA and in the program’s success. She facilitated ALA programs at Southern Local School District for four years, and she has learned to ‘Equip the Facilitators.’ She believes that ALA is a lifestyle and a life changer. It is living a life of integrity and challenging ourselves, and each other, to do the right things for the right reasons, with the right people, every single time, to the best of our abilities, even when no one is looking (ALA Motto). These principles become the center point for living a good and honest life.

Kristen Bashorea

Academy for Leadership Abilities Specialist

Kristin Bashore is an Academy for Leadership Abilities Specialist. Kristin enjoys working with youth in the local school districts. Kristin believes that ALA works because students learn by becoming involved in service projects and adding value to their local communities. She believes that the strength of the community is what helps youth become their best and service projects allow students to create that bridge. Kristin’s favorite part of her job is watching students become more confident in themselves and discovering they make a difference.

Vikki Waymire

Eligibility Specialist

Vikki Waymire is an Eligibility Specialist as well as being an ALA facilitator. She is the go-to person in Perry County if someone has questions about eligibility for County Board services. Vikki prides herself with her family, especially her 3 grandkids that she loves and adores.

Lindsey Hubbard

Service & Support Administrator

Lindsey Hubbard is a Service and Support Administrator (SSA) for transition age youth (ages 14-22) for the Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Prior to working at PCBDD, she was a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities. Now, she helps transition age youth figure out what they want to do when they become adults, work with schools on individual’s transition goals, and supporting their families through the transition process. Lindsey’s focus is helping others figure out their abilities and strengths and transferring those into employment opportunities. She also loves spending time with her husband and two girls.

Amanda Hillyer

Service & Support Administrator

Amanda Hillyer is a Service and Support Administrator (SSA) for transition age youth (ages 14-22) at the Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Prior to working at PCBDD, she was a teacher for 7 years in Early Childhood Education. Now, she helps transition age youth with figuring out what they want to do when they become adults, work with schools on individual’s transition goals, and supporting their families through the transition process. Amanda takes pride in being able to help others learn and achieve their potential in life. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, their dog Odin, 4 kids, and 2 grandchildren!

Kenny Whiteley

Behavioral Supports Specialist

Kenny Whiteley is a Behavior Support Specialist and ALA Facilitator at the Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  He has a variety of Social Work experience including Mental Health Work and has been a Service and Support Administrator (SSA) for many years.  The work that he does now focuses on listening and learning to collect new information to help people connect with others and support people to thrive. He loves being part of teams and celebrating their success.  ALA gives him a unique opportunity to connect with our future community leaders, neighbors, and teammates.

Kate Stewart

Administrative Supports Specialist

Kate Stewart is an Administrative Assistant at the Board of DD. She is active in multiple Board activities, ALA and the Emerging Leaders program. Kate strives to be organized, efficient, and consistent in her work, while keeping an open mind to new ideas and experiences. In her spare time, Kate loves anything to do with plants and traveling with her husband and 2 rescue pups.

Justin Haynes

Employment Navigator

Justin Haynes is the Employment Navigator at Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Justin’s role involves providing individuals access to employment supports beginning in school, through the transition from high school to adulthood and for the rest of their lives. Justin also facilitates ALA and is involved in summer camp. Justin believes in the importance of making strong genuine connections with others and how doing so can help change lives.

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