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“Doing the right things for the right reasons with the right people every single time to the best of our ability even when no one is looking.”

ALA Motto

ALA Facilitators encourage participants to live a life based on integrity, by challenging them to “Do the right things, for the right reasons, with the right people, every single time, to the best of their ability, even when no one is looking.” (ALA Motto) This motto supports the PCBDD philosophy of R.A.I.L.S.
(Responsibility, Accountability, Independence, Leadership, and Self-Sufficiency).

Meet Our Richland Facilitators

Gary George

Employment Navigation Specialist and ALA Facilitator

Gary is an Employment Navigation Specialist and Academy for Leadership Abilities facilitator. He works hard to bring opportunities to transition students looking to reach their goals by connecting them to businesses and influential leaders in the community. Gary takes pride in listening to young people, working with them to become good people and motivating them to stay focused on their goals. He makes sure to celebrate them when they achieve landmarks they have set for themselves, as well as making sure to comfort them and encourage them to continue fighting for their dreams when they stumble along the way.

Kodey Kreglow

Employment Navigation Specialist and ALA Facilitator

Kodey is an Employment Navigation Specialist, Academy for Leadership Abilities facilitator, Best Buddies OSU Mansfield Host Site Coordinator, and Mansfield Rotary Club Member representing Richland County Board of DD. Kodey takes pride in building relationships and partnerships with businesses, organizations, and community leaders to create opportunities for employment and community connections for transition age youth.

Desiree Hypes

Individual Consultant (SSA) and ALA Facilitator

Desiree is an Individual Consultant (SSA) coordinating services for individuals transitioning from school to employment. Desiree takes pride in her ability to connect people to resources and assist them in making informed choices.

Ian Harter

Individual Consultant (SSA) and ALA Facilitator

Ian Is an Individual Consultant (SSA) for Richland County, in 2020 he starting working with students in ALA. His role keeps him busy with individuals and their families, assisting with waiver supports, and other issues that may arise. Ian takes pride in his new role as an SSA, and working with the Academy for Leadership Abilities Team.

Jenny Bright

Individual Consultant (SSA) and ALA Facilitator

Is an Individual Consultant (SSA). Since I haven’t been with Richland County Board of DD very long, Academy for Leadership Abilities is the first thing I’ve been involved with. I look forward to getting involved with other groups/activities. I take pride in my work, I love working with people with disabilities and helping them navigate life. I’m proud of the way I can connect with people from all walks of life and getting to know them.

Academy For Leadership Abilities®

ALA was celebrated with a cook out and awards ceremony. During the awards ceremony students shared what they learned from ALA.

Written and shared by Robert (ALA participant):

Leads with confidence and integrity (Having Honesty).

Encourages others to help achieve their goals (Being Supportive).

Analyzes situations and give advice (Showing guidance for Others).

Desires to be a role model for others (Being a role Model).

Earns the right to be a leader (Be worthy of a Leader).

Remains true to someone’s beliefs (Don’t disrespect someone’s beliefs).

Sharing your knowledge with others (Speaking what you Know).

Help others understand what is being said (Be Helpful).

Interact with one another (Have an effect on a Person).

Participate in groups/ or by yourself with what is being taught (Be cooperative to how is Teaching).

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Integrity Award

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Leadership Award

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