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Leadership Abilities®

“Doing the right things for the right reasons with the right people every single time to the best of our ability even when no one is looking.”

ALA Motto

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Academy for Leadership Abilities® is designed to help participants see their value by focusing on strengths, not weaknesses. We add value to other people. Adding value to those around us will make our schools better, our workforce stronger, and our communities connected. Participants are challenged to learn HOW to think, not WHAT to think. ALA sessions can be a life changer for those involved.

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What is ALA

“The Academy for Leadership Abilities® Curriculum, created by Cindy Baden and Russ Tippett, are valuable playbooks in the game of life.”

The Leadership & Personal Growth Library


The basis of ALA and everything we do. Your Core Values will be tested over and over, and we focus on our commitment to what one believes and staying true to the values we express.

Decision Making

Our decisions are influenced by our Values and help us to succeed or fail when striving for goals. We all make decisions every day. Problem Solving by learning how to think for ourselves is key in effective decision making.

Positive Mental Attitude

Our attitude can make or break who we think we are. It takes a split second to ruin 5 years of personal growth. Therefore, attitude and Self-Respect must be a daily habit we instill in our being. This increases our communication skills, which increases our worth.


Leadership is influence. To build influence, we must take responsibility for our actions. We must trust and be trusted, or people will not follow.

Personal Core Values

Our personal core values eventually will become our moral and ethical code in which we live. We focus on surrounding ourselves with positive, so the negative thoughts do not overwhelm and consume our lives.

Leverage your Strengths

Realizing that we all have something to offer, and the ability to influence and support others. Focusing on the skills that we have allows for Personal Growth, where we use our strengths to advance ourselves and those around us.

Your journey into leadership

These principles and philosophy are integrated into each session to help participants not only add value to themselves, but also add value to others. That value is improving our schools, workforce and communities.

Our results


ALA Sessions

Schools, Job & Family Services (CCMEP), HAPCAP, Pioneering Possibilities, Bethel Community Center

Partnering School Districts

Southern Local, New Lexington, Crooksville


Through ALA, a community leadership opportunity called Pioneering Possibilities® developed and is offered to all residents (18 years of age and older) in Perry County. This group uses the ALA curriculum to unlock and enhance the culture by learning to not just be in the community, but to be the community using the R.A.I.L.S philosophy.