Pioneering Possibilities®

Community Leadership Group

Unlocking Leadership in the Community

What is Pioneering Possibilities® Group?

Pioneering Possibilities® (PP) is a community leadership opportunity offered to ALL people who live or work in Perry County who are ages 18 and older. The group focuses on topics such as: integrity, doing the right things, setting goals, teamwork, positive mental attitude, and accomplishing outcomes. These help us to enhance the culture, by learning to not just be in the community, but to be the community using the R.A.I.L.S.* philosophy* R.A.I.L.S – Responsibility, Accountability, Independence, Leadership and Self-sufficiency.

The vision of PP is to provide community members and agencies the opportunity to unlock leadership in our county. If you are seeking ways to enrich your environment or to partner on volunteer service projects, Pioneering Possibilities® is the ideal opportunity for you.

What makes Pioneering Possibilities® Great?

Members develop skills in decision-making, evaluating ethical principles, setting goals and learning HOW TO THINK vs WHAT TO THINK.

Pioneering Possibilities® provides leadership opportunities for ALL people within the community. We focus on having a stronger voice in decision-making processes that promote healthy relationships through the development of monthly service projects.

Pioneering Possibilities® is an investment in your life. This opportunity is changing the culture and the people of our community. What is holding you back from growing into this opportunity?

What You Can Do
Most activities will be discussion based in a group setting. Participants will have the option to purchase personal workbooks.
Anything Can Be Possible

A society where you are the change, a world where your voice is heard, the ability to be anything especially the person you want to be, a community that looks out for each other. To many this may seem like the making of a fantasy world, but for Perry County this is a reality. Anything can be possible when you “Doing the right things for the right reasons, with the right people every single time, to the best of our ability, even when no one is looking.” (ALA Motto)

As a community leadership program, the Pioneering Possibilities® (PP) group strives to build leaders in our community, which will enhance the culture of the community by “Making connections to promote abilities and enrich lives.” (PCBDD Mission Statement) Strong community relationships are built as the PP group learns about leadership, character, reputation, honesty, integrity, and positive mental attitude. Group sessions include conversations about struggles, thoughts, visions, hopes, dreams, and lives. Group members dive into learning about how to become people of true integrity, through hands on demonstrations of everyday life struggles.

Pioneering Possibilities® is a program offered through the Academy for Leadership Abilities® (ALA) by The Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities (PCBDD) to help participants see their value by focusing on strengths not weaknesses. This is done by integrating the PCBDD philosophy of R.A.I.L.S. (Responsibility, Accountability, Independence, Leadership, and Self-Sufficiency), into each session to help participants gain practical ways to live and work, using learned leadership skills, adding value to themselves and their communities around them.

What good is all this knowledge if nothing is done with it? At Pioneering Possibilities®, participants take the knowledge and leadership gained outside of the building’s walls and into the community, through service projects. Together the group has planned and organized a Thanksgiving dinner for identified leaders that have provided influence, participated in the New Lexington Christmas parade, Christmas caroled at various sites in Perry County, and planned and organized Singing Valentine’s Candy-O-Grams for the community.

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